Civic Economics: In Print 2017

Covers 1703It’s been a while since we sat down to update Civic Economics: In Print, a bibliography of English language books that we know about and that cite our work.  We know that our work makes a difference because so many distinguished planners, authors, advocates, and researchers rely on it.  We’re up to 48 with this edition.

To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary, we’ll be highlighting and commenting on many of these books over the coming year, so stay tuned.

If you know of a book we missed, or if you write one, be sure to let us know.  In the meantime, download a copy of Civic Economics: In Print before venturing to your local bookseller.

Celebrating Fifteen Years of Civic Economics

Anniversary MapWe’ve been so busy in 2017, we totally forgot something huge.  Fifteen years ago in July, we left a conventional economic development consulting firm to establish Civic Economics, putting hard data and planning sensibilities to work on a wide range community and economic development challenges.  It’s been quite a ride so far, and we’re grateful to our clients and friends for bringing us so far.  So, from Matt and Dan, thanks!